Remote Enrollment/Admissions

International Students

Davidson Academy is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students through the U. S. government’s I-20 program. DA seeks to provide a multi-faceted experience for students from other countries who wish to study in the United States. Throughout our school’s history, we have welcomed students from many different countries. Davidson Academy is excited to partner with NDU (Nwc Dunamis USA) to oversee DA's International Student Program, as our mission, belief, and philosophy align with NDU Education's mission, vision, and goal.
NDU is a Christ-centered entity, and they have been working with international students since 2002 with a clear vision towards building leaders of character for God's Kingdom.
NDU Education provides an "Intentional Success Model" supported by their comprehensive wrap-around service, which resulted in 100% of the NDU students gaining acceptances to some of the top-ranked universities, such as: Cornell, Columbia, Georgia Tech, Emory, NYU, UCLA, etc. Furthermore, 98% of the students supported by NDU have obtained college/university admission to their first-choice school. More information about NDU is found on their website at: