Staff Directory

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Terri Simmons
Direct: (615) 860-5326 
Email: tsimmons@davidsonacademy.com

Rachel Huber
Dean of Middle School
Direct: (615) 565-0244
Email: rhuber@davidsonacademy.com

Kevin Harper

Athletic Director
Direct: (615) 565-0233
Email: kharper@davidsonacademy.com

Lori Trew

Director of Admissions and Development
Direct: (615) 565-0219
Email: ltrew@davidsonacademy.com

Brandy Norton, M.Ed.

Director of College Counseling
Direct: (615) 860-5320
Email: bnorton@davidsonacademy.com

Peggy Brown, BSW
Admissions Counselor (8th-12th)
Direct: (615) 860-5330
Email: pbrown@davidsonacademy.com
Kelly Colley
Head of Lower School
Direct: (615) 565-0250
Email: kcolley@davidsonacademy.com

Pam Sanders

Dean of Academics
Direct: (615) 860-5336
Email: psanders@davidsonacademy.com

Mac Swann

Dean of Students
Direct: (615) 860-5338
Email: mac.swann@davidsonacademy.com

Ryan Madar
Director of Marketing and Communications
Direct: (615) 860-5305
Media Inquiries / Emergencies: (520) 904-2144 
Email: rmadar@davidsonacademy.com

Meredith Bub

Admissions Counselor (PreK-3 - 7th) / Registrar
Direct: (615) 860-5307
Email: mbub@davidsonacademy.com

Heather Whigham
Direct: (615) 860-5323
Email: hwhigham@davidsonacademy.com
Sarah Jane Moore
Head of Upper and Middle School
Phone: (615) 565-0204
Email: sjmoore@davidsonacademy.com

Board of Trustees

Jason Wilkerson (Chairman)
Mitzi Urquhart (Vice Chair)
Amy McGrady (Secretary)
Greg Cote
Chris Flake
Chris Hendon
Rob Horton
Jinnifer Johnston
Kevin Mathis
Stefano Patterson
Cam Suggs
Amy Welsh
HS Academic Coordinator
Direct: (615) 860-5325
Email: awelsh@davidsonacademy.com

Mechelle Suiter

Accounts Receivable
Direct: (615) 860-5308
Email: msuiter@davidsonacademy.com