High School Curriculum

While some other schools may emphasize conformity, Davidson Academy cultivates independent thinking. From the earliest grade levels, students are learning how to think, not just what to think. This approach to teaching empowers our graduates to thrive in a world of continual change and increasing complexity.

Info for High School Families

Our Curriculum

Faculty may make recommendations prior to and at the end of each course regarding a student’s beginning and continuation in honors courses.

Chaney Scholars

The Chaney Scholars Program recognized Davidson Academy students who have pursued and excelled in an intense academic study.
  • Students recognized as Chaney Scholars must meet the following criteria:
  • Three years of the same foreign language
  • Minimum of five honors courses
  • Minimum of 3 Advanced Placement courses including at least two core academic disciplines.
  • Overall numeric average of 90 or higher
  • ACT composite of 25 or higher

Credit Requirements

Credits Subject Area
4 English Credits
2 Foreign Language
4 Mathematics
3 Social Studies
3 Science
.5 Technology
2 Bible
1 Wellness
1 Fine Art
.5 Senior Project
3 Electives