Visual Arts

Our art courses focus on creating works of art by using various media, techniques, and technology. Students will study and learn how to use the elements of art to create their own work. In addition, students gain a greater appreciation of art and culture by studying various time periods while developing their own artistic style. In our pottery course, students are exposed to basic hand-building procedures as well as wheel-thrown techniques.
In our lower grades, connections between art history and different cultures with art making are made. Whether it is through painting, drawing, printmaking or clay, students are engaged in executing their knowledge of the elements of art through the principles of design.

Private Art Lessons are held after school for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. Activities are interest driven and focused on nurturing the child's individual God-given gifts and talents. Categories for study include painting, sculpture, still life, value shading, drawing people, collage, famous artists, cultural folk art, mosaics, and perspective. This is not a complete list of possibilities as the study of art is wide and varied. 
Instructor: Ms. Julie Lee, DA Faculty