Meet Ethan Graham

Grade: 11th
How long have you been a student at DA?
I have attended DA since the 6th grade.
What is your favorite thing about DA?
My favorite thing about DA is the Family environment that is felt here.
Which class has been your favorite and why?
Biology with Mrs. Chapman has been my favorite class so far. She makes learning fun for everybody!
How would you describe the classroom environment at DA?
All my classes are open and friendly.
What is your favorite DA tradition?
Before Football games we all line up and walk through "The Grove" as the fans cheer us on before we run out. This is called “The Bear Walk”.
What activities are you involved in at DA?
I am a member of the football team, track team, and FCA.
Choose a DA activity or team that you listed above and describe your experience and how it has impacted you.
Football- It has taught me hard work, dedication, and excellence in everything that we do. To honor and represent God, ourselves, and Davidson Academy on and off the field.
Davidson Academy is a God-focused school.  How does that impact life at DA and what does it mean to you?
That we have a special opportunity to worship and glorify God in the safety of our school environment and that's a privilege.
What would you tell someone who was interested in attending Davidson Academy?
I would have to tell them about the sports and family environment. I have friends here that I have gained for a lifetime.
What has DA taught you about being a leader?
I have learned to branch out and that being a leader may be uncomfortable, but it is okay.