Meet Chandler Pearce

Grade:  12th Grade
How long have you been a student at DA?
13 Years - Since Kindergarten
What is your favorite thing about DA?
I love how Christ-centered the teachers are and I truly believe they are here to help us!
Which class has been your favorite and why?
My favorite class is Spanish IV with Mrs. Puckett! I love learning about a new language and I enjoy knowing how to speak a language most of my peers cannot.
How would you describe the classroom environment at DA?
The environment in my classes are mainly home-like, cozy, and welcoming.
What is your favorite DA tradition?
I love homecoming hallway decorating! It is my favorite event that the high school does!
What activities are you involved in at DA?
I play on the varsity softball team, I am the president of key club, I am a member of honor society, beta club, rotary club, FCA, and I enjoy volunteering to do community service around school!
Choose a DA activity or team that you listed above and describe your experience and how it has impacted you.
Varsity Softball has impacted my life in many ways. It has taught me to be not just a leader, but a big sister to the girls on my team!
Davidson Academy is a God-focused school.  How does that impact life at DA and what does it mean to you?
I enjoy being at a school where I have like-minded people surrounding me and encouraging me daily. This is a very important aspect to me because I believe that fellow Christians help others grow in their faith.
What are your plans for college and do you know what you want to study?
I plan to attend Union University as a nursing major to hopefully become a trauma nurse.
What would you tell someone who was interested in attending Davidson Academy?
Many of my life-changing moments have happened on this campus and so many more are to come!
What has DA taught you about being a leader?
DA has given me many opportunities to become a leader through my leadership roles in clubs and classes, specifically AP US History with Ms. Gipson. She taught me to lead a group project and create organizational skills.
What activities do you participate in outside of school?
I enjoy singing in the praise team at my church, hanging out with friends, drawing, and going on trips!