Meet Lily Watts

Grade:  12th
How long have you been a student at DA?
I have been a student at DA since the 6th grade.
What is your favorite thing about DA?
My favorite thing about DA is that the school is not just a school, but a family.
Which class has been your favorite and why?
My Spanish III class has been my favorite class because the teacher is always so enthusiastic, and she adds Jesus into her class as much as she can.
How would you describe the classroom environment at DA?
I love the classroom environment at DA because the teachers are always so kind and they try their best to help you with what you need.
What is your favorite DA tradition?
My favorite DA tradition is hallway decorating during homecoming week.
What activities are you involved in at DA?
Activities that I am involved in include: Leader of the Tennis Club, Varsity Tennis, Varsity Soccer, Culinary Club, Key club, We Go Jim, Reach out for Women, DA Designs
Choose a DA activity or team that you listed above and describe your experience and how it has impacted you.
Being a part of the Varsity Soccer team has introduced me to some really good people. I met one of my best friends, who just recently came to DA.
Davidson Academy is a God-focused school.  How does that impact life at DA and what does it mean to you?
Going to a God-focused school has introduced me to a lot of God-focused people, and my teachers also show this in my classes. This means that I don't have to come to school and worry about getting discriminated against for my religion.
What would you tell someone who was interested in attending Davidson Academy?
I would tell them that the school is full of kind people, and there are lots of fun opportunities for students.
What has DA taught you about being a leader?
DA has taught me to stand up for myself.
What activities do you participate in outside of school?
I participate in tennis.