Meet Abigail Roberson

Grade:  11th
How long have you been a student at DA?
Since Mother’s Day out
What is your favorite thing about DA?
The people are so welcoming here at DA. Everyone is so kind and we all get along.
Which class has been your favorite and why?
Mrs. Puckett’s Spanish 2 class. She made it so fun and easy to understand!
How would you describe the classroom environment at DA?
The classroom environment at DA is great because all teachers are so nice and willing to help.
What is your favorite DA tradition?
Homecoming week!
What activities are you involved in at DA?
I play on the varsity softball team and I’m a part of the FCA club.
Choose a DA activity or team that you listed above and describe your experience and how it has impacted you.
Being on the softball team had taught me great leadership skills, and how to be independent.
Davidson Academy is a God-focused school.  How does that impact life at DA and what does it mean to you?
Anything that is taught in class could be centered around God and everything could be a learning moment.
What would you tell someone who was interested in attending Davidson Academy?
It’s a great school and there’s a place for everyone.
What has DA taught you about being a leader?
It has definitely taught me to be independent and DA is truly preparing us for college, life, and eternity.
What activities do you participate in outside of school?
I am a part of the travel softball team, Atlanta Premier