Meet Anna Laura Sanders

Name: Anna Laura Sanders
Grade: 12th
How long have you been a student at DA?
I’ve been here since 2nd grade
What is your favorite thing about DA?
My favorite thing is how teachers want you to succeed and will try their best to make sure that happens.
Which class has been your favorite and why?
My favorite class was Chemistry sophomore year, because we had so many fun memories. It also helped me realize that I want to pursue a career in science.
How would you describe the classroom environment at DA?
We always have a lot of fun in class and are able to communicate well together.
What is your favorite DA tradition?
The class trips, because we always have so much fun bonding with our classmates and seeing new places.
What activities are you involved in at DA?
I am involved in Key Club, the soccer team, Tennis Club, and I choreograph for the DA musicals.
Choose a DA activity or team that you listed above and describe your experience and how it has impacted you.
Getting to choreograph for the musicals has really helped my leadership abilities and has helped me step out of my comfort zone. It has given me a great opportunity to express my ideas and be able to help my school.
Davidson Academy is a God-focused school.  How does that impact life at DA and what does it mean to you?
People at DA are friendlier and more willing to reach out to someone. I think this makes people feel valued and appreciated, since someone is looking out for them, whether that be a student or faculty member.
What would you tell someone who was interested in attending Davidson Academy?
I would say it's really nice to know all of your classmates and be able to talk to anyone in your grade.
What has DA taught you about being a leader?
It has given me leadership opportunities with smaller groups of people which has helped me grow and expand to larger groups of people.
What activities do you participate in outside of school?
I am on a competition dance team, where I also teach at my studio. I cook and I play the piano.